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Archaeological Sites in Maremma

The province of Grosseto boasts a rich historical heritage: land of the Etruscans first and the Romans later, a history that has left deep traces in the territory.

Accesa Lake archaeological area

Located in the municipality of Massa Marittima in the locality of la Pesta, a few kilometres from Casa in Maremma Tuscany Village.

In the area around the lake, several settlements with relative necropolises have emerged, dating from the late 7th to the entire 6th century BC.

Necropolis Etruscan City of Vetulonia

Vetulonia is located in the municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia.

Among the important remains of the necropolis are the Tomb of the Pietrera and the Tomb of Diavolino II.

The Etruscan-Roman City of Roselle

Located a few kilometres from Grosseto.

You can admire the walls entirely preserved in their perimeter.

Notable testimonies are the Forum Area, the House of the Impluvium and the Amphitheatre.

The Sovana Necropolis

The oldest tombs in Etruscan Sovana date back to the 7th century BC. C the oldest tombs in Etruscan Sovana.

Protected by very high tuff cliffs and accessible from only one side, the site possesses the characteristics favoured by the Etruscans for their settlements.

It is an important archaeological area with monumental tombs of high value.

The most important are the Tomba Ildebranda and the Tomba della Sirena.
Sovana is located near the town of Pitigliano.

Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park

The Baratti and Populonia archaeological park extends between the slopes of the Piombino promontory and the Gulf of Baratti, where the extruscan and Roman city of Populonia, already known for its metallurgical activity, once stood.

The Park includes a significant part of the Extruscan-Roman settlement of Populonia with its necropolis, calcarenite quarries and industrial quarters.

The Park can be accessed from the Gulf of Baratti (Necropolis) or from the historic centre of Upper Populonia (Acropolis)

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