• Grosseto

It is the capital of the province. Its old town is located within the Medici walls. It is also interesting to visit for the six sticks, which are located in the defensive belt, in addition to the numerous monuments, museums and churches that illustrate the history of our places.

The city is located about 12 km from the sea (where the municipal hamlets of Marina di Grosseto and Principina a Mare overlook), in the center of a floodplain called Maremma grossetana, at the confluence point of the Ombrone valley.

In the north-eastern part of the municipality, near the modern hamlet of Roselle that has arisen near the ancient Etruscan-Roman city, there is a hot spring of sulfureo water, of the same nature and origin that distinguishes the most renowned baths Saturnia and the other spas scattered between Mount Amiata, the Tufo area and the hills of the Albegna and Fiora.

In the eastern and southern part of the municipality flows the River Ombrone, which with its course first skirts the municipal hamlet of Istia d’Ombrone and then approaches in some places to the city (St. Martin, Alberino, Fornacione) with some of its loops that preceding the mouth located inside the Maremma Nature Park, just south of Principina a Mare.

The western part of the municipality is included in the Diaccia Botrona nature reserve, a marshland that extends where the ancient Lake Prile stood, while the southwestern area falls into the Maremma Nature Park, where the marshland area extends and the first offshoots of the Bird’s Mountains south of the mouth of the Ombrone rise.

Grosseto’s Ants are also included in the municipality, in the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park; the islets and the entire stretch of sea that bathes the coast of Grossetano also fall within the European marine protected area of the Sanctuary for marine mammals.

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