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Torre Mozza

Don’t miss Torre Mozza Beach, nature, snorkelling and the GeoMare Water Park await you!

Torre Mozza beach with its sand dunes and reed beds is dominated by an ancient tower from the 1500s that still has incredible beauty and charm!

Torre Mozza beach, completely immersed in the naturalistic area of the Sterpaia Coastal Park, is a beach on the Tyrrhenian coast of absolute scenic beauty and washed by clear waters.

The tower, from which the locality takes its name, plunges into the sea, letting the tourist perceive the grandeur, still so strong today, of this defensive structure and sighting of possible Saracen raids.

For diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, the Torre Mozza beach is certainly one of the best in the area due to the presence, only thirty metres from the shore, of a reef at the water’s surface.

The reef is home to numerous fish, including bream, bass, octopus and bream. Some identify this reef with a stretch of the ancient Via Aurelia, the historic road that connected Rome to Cerveteri. Legend or not, this stretch of sea is worth diving or just snorkelling to admire this underwater wonder!

At Torre Mozza there is an amusement park with inflatables floating in the sea affiliated with Casa in Maremma Tuscany Village. Exactly the park, consisting of inflatable platforms of various sizes, is located between the Torre Mozza Beach and the Carbonifera Beach.

Find out more about this water attraction near Follonica on the GeoMare WiBit page.

How to get to Torre Mozza Beach

The Torre Mozza beach can be reached by driving northwards, it is located in the province of Livorno, just 8 km from Follonica.

The beach is easily reached by car driving along the Aurelia road in the direction of Livorno (after about 3 km from the exit there is a sign and you have to turn towards Torre Mozza).

Located behind the Torre Mozza beach are two car parks that allow both cars and campers to park. However, in the middle of summer they may be a little small compared to the many bathers who come to this location.

On Torre Mozza beach there are both bathing establishments and a stretch of free beach, so it is a perfect location for families with children as well as for couples or groups of friends who want more free space!


The Carbonifera Beach, with white sand and shallow water, is the perfect beach for families with children!

The Carbonifera Beach awaits you immersed in the Sterpaia Coastal Park, just 16 km from Casa in Maremma Tuscany Village, with fine sand dunes and a luxuriant, centuries-old pine forest behind it, providing a natural environment perfect for sheltering from the heat in the hottest hours.

The beach offers tourists deep blue, clear water that gradually slopes down to become the perfect beach for families with children.

The Carbonifera beach is bordered on one side by the equally beautiful Torre Mozza beach, and like the latter, is characterised by the presence of an artificial reef a few metres from the shore. This is defined by many as part of the ancient Via Aurelia, but the most important thing is that this reef is now home to numerous marine species, so you only need to arm yourself with a mask and snorkel to admire these wonders of mother nature up close!

Completing this wonderful scenery is the view from the beach of the Island of Elba and the Island of Montecristo, a spectacle that becomes even more impressive on a clear day.

The Carbonifera Beach is one of the marvellous beaches of the Maremma not to be missed, giving the idea of being right in a natural swimming pool!

But where does its name come from?
The meaning of this beautiful beach is linked to the history of its territory. In fact, Spiaggia Carbonifera takes its particular name from the 19th-century tower that still dominates the beach, a former trading post that marked the terminal point of the railway that once ran through all the Colline Metallifere Grossetane (Grosseto’s Metalliferous Hills), with which the coal from the mines reached the sea.

The Carbonifera beach is also close to the GeoMare WiBit water park, the park with inflatables in the sea of the Tyrrhenian Sea for the amusement of children aged 5 and up!

How to get to Carbonifera Beach

The Spiaggia Carbonifera beach is located north of Follonica, in the Carbonifera locality, and is the last beach in the Piombino (LI) area, just a few kilometres from Casa in Maremma Tuscany Village.

You can reach the beach directly by your own means of transport, as you can easily leave your car in the car park and walk no more than 100 metres to the beach.

In fact, it is an easily and conveniently accessible beach, perfect for families with children.

The Carbonifera beach is partly free and partly equipped with establishments with refreshments and beach equipment.

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